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MSOE - Senior Design - SAE Mini Baja - Rear Suspension on Behance

MSOE - Senior Design - SAE Mini Baja - Rear Suspension

Designed and fabricated rear suspension system for SAE Baja Vehicle Senior Design Project that controls the periodic input forces at the rear wheels safely and predictably and offers a competitive advantage in the national competition. The final product w…



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tak obstawiam - Ministerstwo śmiesznych obrazków

Na znajdziesz największą dawkę humoru w internecie - memy, śmieszne filmiki, gify i wiele więcej. Codziennie dostarczamy najświeższy sort memów na viralowe tematy z obecnych wydarzeń.

Tube frames design made simpler

Tube frames design made simpler

Ankle Foot Orthoses and the Right to Play! – MyMayu  rain/snow boots

MyMayu Boots for kids and AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses)

** Please note that this is an older post. While Explorer boots do tend to work with Toddlers, after size 7/8, the Wanderer boots fit over AFOs much better than the Explorer boots. For additional information, please read our newer blog post here. There are good days running MyMayu and then there are REALLY GOOD days! Last week I had the pleasure of fitting an amazing little boy with a pair of our Explorer boots. His mother told me that she had shivers up her spine because she had finally…