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Collide: Immersive Art Installation by Onformative | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Surreal visuals and an engaging soundscape create an immersive space capturing the essence of motion, colour and sound to visualize a synaesthetic experience of letting go and losing oneself in the creative process.

Cool shorts! I have the knee caps to pull these off

Spring isn't yet holiday time. If you're traveling in the summertime, take these ideas and suggestions about Mens Summer Casual Short Outfit and apply them to summer clothing. Everything appears overly attractive and lovely in summer.

Designing truly comfortable seating without upholstery is more challenging than it may seem, especially without using molded wood. Designers Alessandro Torricelli & Ralph Voigt found a

Caja de té victorina de plata, Chester 1897 by Nathan & Hayes

Victorian sterling silver tea caddy,Chester 1897 by Nathan & Hayes I realized that very complicated patterns and the little "feet" is one of the most significant factor in designing victorian object or furniture.


H Furniture's WW Chair, where the Ws stand for Windsor and Wire, now come in six bold color ways as part of a collaboration with Studio Makgill.

Sillón de mesa, Kunz AM.PM. - Sala de estar y sofás

Kunz Dining Chair AM. Comfortable wide ladder back, softly curved. Size: - x x Seat:.