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mermaid in beer mug traditional tattoo flash tattoo

Double Exposure Portraits Where I Merge Two Worlds Into One | Bored Panda

Stunning Double Exposure Portraits Where I Merge Two Worlds Into One - Outsourcing company in Hanoi Vietnam

Polish Winged Hussar by N4020 on DeviantArt

Polish Winged Hussar by

Go into all the world and preach the good news to every creature. Mark 16:15 Go and make disciples of all nations. Mat. 28:19

Only earth attached to wanderlust tattoo


Set Travel Collection Vintage Compass Wwanderlust Stamp Map tattoo - InknArt Temporary Tattoo - wrist quote tattoo body sticker fake -- Could still get it as a real one tho :)

perfect for electric forest : )

Vintage Small Quote Tattoos for Girls - Inspirational Foot Small. - Tattoo - Sexy: Check out Dieting Digest

the valknut- vikings painted this on their shields to call the Valkyrie to take them to Valhalla if they were killed

Valknut (represents Nordic god Odin): interlocking triple/three triangles tattoo on the hand. Right Hand

Love this idea~ Who wouldn't wish for it to be possible to do just that in life?

Rewind, pause, play, fast forward and shuffle buttons. Not big on wrist tattoos, but I like the tat for someone that loves music. Just not on my arm

Awareness / Humility / Sacrifice / Dependence

Little forearm tattoo of the initials “A”, “H”, “S” and “D” meaning “Awareness, Humility, Sacrifice and Dependence”.