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Peter Rossi

Peter Rossi
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Take My Money - Cat Whac-A-Mole $12.99

Provide your playful pussy cat with hours of quality entertainment with the cat whac-a-mole toy. You control a cute little felt mouse on a stick and get him .

Take My Money - Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling $12.99

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Kit / Everyone is a Star Wars fan to some degree. If you’re geeky enough to own a lightsaber, it puts you in an exclusive club of Star Wars groupies.

Take My Money - Giant Connect Four Game $359.00

Giant Connect Four Game . Make family game night something to look forward to with the giant Connect Four game. This four foot versio.

Take My Money - Solar Powered Garden Zombie $50.34

The solar powered garden zombie works wonderfully whether your aim is to scare off intruders or just keep the yard well lit. This gruesome zombie holds up a solar powered lantern as he tries to rise up and escape from his backyard grave.

Take My Money - Flexible Smart Phone Charger $30.00

Capture amazing shots wherever you go with the flexible smart phone charger. This unique charger features an adjustable cable that holds its shape upon bending.

Take My Money - Fairy Tale Coach Bed $19,587.44

Girls and boys who dream of being princess, king, superhero, and more will feel themselves in heaven with these fantasy beds. Your kid's room should reflect her/his interests and imagination. If you want to make your kid's room totally unique, then buy.

Take My Money - Skateboard Deck Lamp $315.00

Bring a little urban decorum into your humble abode with the skateboard deck lamp. Featuring four light bulb wheels and a creatively decorated skate deck frame, the lamps look great in kids rooms and can be hung vertically or horizontal.

Take My Money - R2-D2 Bra $30.00

This is no Jedi mind trick, these truly are the double droids you’re looking for. The hand painted bra converts your boring biological .

Take My Money - Liquid Repellent $19.28

Waterproofing your life may be easier than you think - all it takes is a few cans of liquid repellent. This specialized spray works on a variety of surfaces.

Take My Money - Giant Red Party Cup $16.99

These XXL Red Solo Cups Would Make for the Most Epic Game of Beer Pong or King's Cup. This mega cup holds 72 oz. of drank, or 4 times the amount of a 16 oz.