Piotr Łabęda

Piotr Łabęda

Piotr Łabęda
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Amazing infographic. Really makes you think about your food consumption. What is really interesting is the variety of foods we have available to us. Astounding.

56 Days worth of food: A detailed study of personal food consumption from February to March Could have years/days spent vegetarian, single, etc

threeP - Data Visualization and Corporate Image on Behance

threeP is a process that aim to make the corporate identity of an organization easily understood, despite its complexity, starting from an unusual point of view for this kind of communication, that is to say Data.threeP becomes real in a series of visual…

A beautiful meditation on writing - an interactive animation of Charles Darwin's successive changes to the different editions of On The Origin of Species, created for the web by Ben Fry (co-creator of Processing, and founder of Fathom Studio)

Fathom Information Design helps clients understand and express complex data through information graphics, interactive tools, and software for installations, the web, and mobile devices.