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Yamaha – Peters Dog Cycles Even if you’re not a basketball fan, everyone old enough to remember the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 will have memories of the Dream Team. Arguably the greatest basketball team ever assembled,…

Hookie Co CB750 Cafe Racer #motorcycles #caferacer #motos |

Hookie Co Cafe Racer - There are loads of parts available to make an old Honda street bike into a cafe racer.

Emanuel's (CAFE RACER) Honda CB400

Emanuel's (CAFE RACER) Honda CB400

Get over bike & car repair services at your convenience. We have the best mechanics and technicians working to ensure quality service. Autoshed was founded in 2015 with the goal to make two & four wheeler vehicle repair and maintenance affordable, con

This 1975 Honda is not your typical CB cafe racer. It’s probably one of the fastest vintage Hondas we’ve ever seen. Like this for a side panel.

Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by NCT Motorcycles

Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by NCT Motorcycles

A Cafe Racer is a custom built motorcycle, based on an original motorcycle model, but stripped down to be more lightweight and sporty.

LEMON CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES u2014 Visita @shibuyagarage Ronin #pedrinho...

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