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Hypertufa hands made from surgical gloves and your favorite hypertufa or soil cement mix.

Quite handsome.:) Hypertufa mixture in surgical gloves. Poke holes in ends of fingers to let out air and drape palm down on top of a spray paint can .makes good pocket for soil and gives a natural half closed hand look. This is awesome!

succulent garden with rocks  hyper tufa planters

Succulent rock garden- I really love the varieties of succulents they've chosen here. Gorgeous and perfect for my climate! NOTE Make container for grove area and plant succulents and ground cover?

25 Brilliant DIY Ways of Reusing Old Wine Barrels

put sideways pot anywhere with a solar light behind flowers very pretty.loooove the idea of Solar light included!-- I have the perfect wine barrel to cut in half and do this with!

Natural Rock Planters. Similar to the idea of hollowing out a tree stump, there are also plants that will grow really well in shallow rocks. You might already have a few rocks that are hollow enough to support succulents or dessert plants, but you can also group a few rocks or stones together to create a natural little rock garden.

Nice planter using broken pieces of stone or slate. We have a variety of slate, fieldstone, and PA blue stone that could be beautifully repurposed into this planter! Fun project for dad and the kids :)

How to make Iron Sphere - Rusted in Garden Ornaments eclectic outdoor decor

Iron Sphere - Rusted in Garden Ornaments eclectic outdoor decor DIY with galvanised metal tape. These would make an amazing light fixture too!