Pioruneek <33

Pioruneek <33

Pioruneek <33
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Lloyd possessed ;D

Lloyd (second wersion) better ;


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love this gif

Hi, I am Ioana and I am I like very much ninjago and my favourite ninja is Jay.


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This is so accurate it's scary. Everyone else loves boy bands and movie stars and I'm all like "I like book characters. it out of those particular book characters we can narrow it down to Percy, Leo and, my beautiful baby Nico


Jay says, "Amelie, you are so cute and funny!" I say, "Aw, you too Jaybear!

Paczajcie ludzie to jest muj hłopak! I to wcale nie jest tak ze to nie ja to piszę. I lubiem robic wioche wszedzie mry i sie kompię w kanałach pa pa

Alright Jay fan girls admit it, when Jay did this on your television screens you squealed with so much joy.