Pinterest’s Jimmy Chuang is going to climb all 3,922 Haiku Steps in Hawaii.

Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

Unreal Travel Destinations - Haiku Stairs (aka the Stairway to Heaven), Hawaii

Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp is building a photo wall this year.

A black and white photo wall! I love this! I love black and white photo's and this goes great along with the idea I have for my bedroom!

Pinterest’s Jackie Pimentel is road-tripping across the Amalfi Coast this year.

Amalfi Coast Drive, Italian Summer I dream of going to Italy and travelling in a little vintage car !

Pinterest's Katheen Chen is learning how to make croissants from scratch this year.

How to make croissants (a step-by-step guide with .gifs) recipes for Chocolate Croissants, Cinnamon Raisin Danish Swirls*

Pinterest's Larkin Brown is going to liven up her mantel this year.

DIY Valentines Heart Cut-Out Plaque

Pinterest’s Kevin Knight is going to master the art of home-brewed root beer.

Roots, Berries, Bark & Flowers: An Old-fashioned Recipe for Root Beer

Home-brewed Old-fashioned Root Beer Recipe using roots, berries, bark, and flowers.

Pinterest’s Aubrey Kendal is going to learn the fundamentals of cooking.

How to Seed a Cucumber

Learn cooking fundamentals: essential knife skills, and basics on preparing fruits, seafood, vegetables, and meat.

Pinterest's Kim O'Rourke is going to take her new sleeping bag out for a spin.

California, Hawaii & Mexico: 55 Best Campgrounds

Pinployee Krissi Kuni is going to cross the Kusma Gyadi suspension bridge in Nepal this year.

Topmost and largest Suspension Bridge In Nepal. this bridge connects district headquarter to rest of its VDCs through 344 meters long Kusma-Gyadi suspension bridge above 135 meters.

Pinterest's Evany Thomas is learning to snowshoe this year.

Snowshoeing to Dewey Point - Yosemite National Park, California - Lantern Press Poster