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5 Treats to Make with Halloween Candy : Food Network

With Halloween candy, more is always better. Be prepared to receive a hero& welcome when you bestow these bonus Halloween candy-based treats upon your loved ones. Incorporate Halloween-themed sprinkles into each recipe to up the fun factor even higher.

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This is simply just awesome!

Super Mario Chomp-Chomp Halloween hack and is a cat bed too, how functional.

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How to Make a Unicorn Costume for your Dog

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your little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans will love this! These are the BEST Carved & Decorated Pumpkin Ideas!

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Looking for a frugal and FUN Halloween treat for your kids? These Vampire Donuts are awesome! Just purchase a few cheap fangs from your local store and add them to your donuts! To read the entire post click the link below: Vampire Donuts

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15 Cheap & Easy Halloween Decor Ideas That Aren't Cheesy

Maybe even black candles with witchy green instead

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18 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Make super hero cuffs from an empty paper roll. Could help a patient prepare for their procedure. By having the super hero cuffs you can tell the patient they have super strength. This will give them more confidence going into the procedure.

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Space Family: Go out of this world on your Halloween night by doing silver everything. Add accessories like goggles and space helmets to channel outer space like a pro. Find more funny and easy kids and family DIY Halloween costume ideas here.

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Use square waffle pretzels, yellow or green candy melts, M&Ms, red sprinkles and a dot of black icing in the center!