Angelika Józefczyk

Angelika Józefczyk

Angelika Józefczyk
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Keep the hair and sun out of your eyes with the Monreal Signature Visor. The elastic band stays comfortable all day, and the transparent brim will give you a chic iridescent vibe.

Monreal Signature Visor Hat in Dafne/azure

My golfing girls hihihi awesome shot

Simple Solutions To Help You Improve Your Golf Game. Golf is a very enjoyable sport that can be a lot of fun to play. Read on for ideas to help you become successful at golf if that is what your heart desires


If you like golf and you like comedy, well then this video is for you. This video has many hilarious golf mishaps. It has everything from hilariously funny to down right painful! It includes people falling, wild shots, and plenty of golf cart wrecks: