Kasia Radoń
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"It's refreshing to find someone different in the world because too many people are all the same." "i'm not an easy person to be with." "i'll drive you crazy, and sometimes, you'll hate my guts." "i won't stop caring about you.

About her

She is the most amazing person ever.If she could only see how great she really is, but past relationships have left a big whole in her heart an soul but she continues to smile through the brokenness. She my inspiration.

Letting you go is ripping me apart. It isn't how I envisioned our lives, but continuing to try will kill me.

He was gonna break up with me. I don't understand why he's acting like this is all my fault. I did nothing wrong (Divorce Pain)

Love is

It hurts, I hold onto your flannel hoping that it will put me together and I just feel worst because it's yours but no longer smells like you.