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A forty something's blog chronicling the pursuit of an online seminary Masters degree. All the highs and lows of utilizing an online platform for spiritual growth and knowing God.
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Your worldview matters. It shapes how you approach everyday life and the plethora of challenges that always seem to be hidden around every corner just out of sight. Your worldview can steer you to hope or destroy you with fear. So today I'm going to pose the question, "What's in your worldview?"

Christ and Social Media: For the developed world, social media is an indispensable medium that saturates our daily lives. We use social media to communicate with family and friends, network with industry colleagues, engage in discourse, educate ourselves, and even do our jobs. Like any other form of communication, how we engage says a lot about who we are. So what responsibilities do we have towards Christ as Christians when it comes to using social media?

Lots of Work to Do Yesterday was a big day for my online BE101 class. A total of 7 new modules became unlocked which will take me all the way to December 7. I actually like this as now I have plenty of time to roll along at my own pace over the coming months. Some of the learning activities are going to be pretty involved, so the sooner I get going on this great module unlock, the better.

Pseudo Fall Break: I had a challenging week this week outside of school so I kind of took the week off. I needed it. Given that I was a full week ahead on my assignments, this isn't a big issue. But my latest learning activity is giving me a little heartburn. I still have 5 more days to work on it and a full 4 more days until the next assignments unlock, so it's not the time to hit the panic button just yet. Just a little time for a self made Fall break.

Fall 2016 Chapel Message Priests to Our God Dr. Jim Allman on September 2, 2016 Dr. Allman tackles the subject of our service to...

Week six is just about to peek over the horizon and for me, that means it's time to start working on Module 4. I'm still the better part of one week ahead and the extra breathing room is really coming in handy. It's a nice thing to be able to work at my own pace.

Hard to believe another week is just about over but it's time to file week five. Overall a very good and productive week as I'm just about finished with Module 3. I'm really settling into a steady rhythm and while the assignments are getting a little harder, they're also getting a lot more fun and my learning is definitely expanding. Keep reading to get the skinny this week on my learning development and to check out my statistics after week 5.

I'm working on lots of things for BE101 at the moment but the most exciting thing I've done recently is to start kicking the tires on the Logos Bible Software program. I'll be honest, it's an intimidating package to get started with. But with a good old-fashioned "wonder what this button does?" attitude, I'm beginning to see the power of this tool. Well, that and some helpful training videos...

Pastor Geiger reflects on the history of Dallas Theological Seminary and Dr. Chafer. He also offers some practical advice to students on how to maximize their time and efforts during their studies.

It's Not Work When It's Fun: I'm going to end up spending a lot of time on my learning activities in Module 6 but it's not because I have to, it's because I want to. It really isn't work when it's fun! The farther I get into this class, the more interesting and enjoyable the experience is. Yeah, I struggled with the previous learning assignment a bit, but that seems ages ago as I'm completely consumed with the latest assignments. Wow.

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