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A forty something's blog chronicling the pursuit of an online seminary Masters degree. All the highs and lows of utilizing an online platform for spiritual growth and knowing God.
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Time to Go Wayback - After listening to the professor and reading my textbook last week, I'm convinced I must have been either asleep or brain dead during my English classes some 33 years ago. I recall nothing! So it's time to fire up the Wayback Machine because I'm going to need to learn some English grammar, and fast!

I've been poking at my learning assignment for the past couple of days and I got to the point where the more I tinker, the less I'm satisfied with the result. So last night I decided to go ahead and submit my first learning assignment and put that behind me. I think I did pretty well but let's wait and see if that squares with reality. I can, at any rate, chalk this up as an achievement unlocked!

Week Two Wrap-Up: As I wrap-up another week, I find I'm settling in quite well. Overall, it was another good week. First assignments, first grades, and more getting to know my classmates. My schedule seems to be working so far and I'm certain that by October, I'll find an even pace in my work.

On Listening - Dr. Stanley Toussaint Heritage week brings Dr. Toussaint to chapel to share a practical message on Psalm 19. He delivers his message with a patient charm that reveals his love for God and confidence in His Word.

Coursework Ahead - The next round of assignments became available this morning and I'll have two weeks to work through Module 2. While I'm feeling pretty good after all I've learned in the first module, I'll need to collect myself and get after some new challenges with the coursework ahead.

Time for the week three debrief. Well, I've been thrown off my schedule a bit due to some things that are happening locally, but I'm still slightly ahead. Just have to take these things in stride. Besides, what would life be like without getting served a curveball every now and then? Hence the importance of planning ahead!

Fall 2016 Chapel Message: How to Ruin Your Time at Dallas Seminary by Dr. Charles Swindoll on September 14, 2016

Life has been downright wacky for me lately. I fell a little behind schedule in class. Then I got ahead of schedule. Now it looks like I'm going to fall a little behind again in the coming weeks. Things do happen and there is no sense getting flipped over by the things you can't control. So when life gets you down ... Just Keep Swimming...

Your worldview matters. It shapes how you approach everyday life and the plethora of challenges that always seem to be hidden around every corner just out of sight. Your worldview can steer you to hope or destroy you with fear. So today I'm going to pose the question, "What's in your worldview?"

Pastor Geiger reflects on the history of Dallas Theological Seminary and Dr. Chafer. He also offers some practical advice to students on how to maximize their time and efforts during their studies.

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