Every cook needs an apron This apron is designed for women as and special gift for your best friend, gift for mom, for sisters  ITEM DESCRIPTION ✔️ Classic linen apron, the one apron you will ever need in your kitchen or garden ✔️ Make from linen it will keep your clothes clean ✔️ unique and handmade  ✔️ We also design 2 pockets where you can keep little kitchen or gardening utensils on hand.  ✔️ Handmade 100% with hand-embroidered  ✔️Pattern: floral ✔️ Colour in the picture: Hunter green  Anoth Embroidery Aprons, Gardening Outfit, Gardening Apron, Custom Aprons, Aprons Patterns, Apron Designs, Modest Outfits, Modest Clothing, Aesthetic Clothes