Quelques cas d'usage de transparence dans un compo

How to Effectively Use Transparent Backgrounds in Graphic Design

Transparent backgrounds offer the perfect backdrop to bring visual interest to your designs.

The Role Of Textures in Contemporary Graphic Design – Design School

The Role Of Textures in Contemporary Graphic Design

The Role Of Textures in Contemporary Graphic Design – Design School Mais

Photo, simple shape, blur | 30 Beautifully Designed Posters | From up North

Beautiful Poster Designs

Photo, simple shape, adds some interest with the blur

Aaron Draplin Promotions on Behance

These Aaron Draplin Promotional posters have been laid out with a consistent grid structure, this provides a relationship between all three posters even though differ in colour and tagline.

Although this is only one page, I was drawn to the overlap of text. I think using half of the picture as the texture for the text is creative and eye-catching. They could have easily made the words, "Yes He Did" in bold black and it would have looked good, but this meshes the words and the article with the man.

Houston Forward Times via Newseum. Magazine cover and article design.


Design Inspiration // sucre-paper: The front cover of Sucre Paper was shot by Aimée Han, an amazing photographer based in New York.

De tekst heeft de zelfde kleur Ik heb hem gekozen door de opvallende kleuren

This spaced out, small sans serif font in capital letters works well on top of colour and image.

FST Festival Posters by Krzysztof Iwanski

Festiwal Szkol Teatralnych (FST) poster design - 2015 - from 30 Beautifully Designed Posters

affiche de l'exposition DIN in New York - jeu de perspective - Jo Young Chung (Etats-Unis)

~Exhibition poster :: DIN in New York - A history of over 500 New York Buildings

interesting layout. probably too modular...but there's something in the dissection that I like...

this is a great example of a sharp and modern layout. interestingly they also use the colour red in their design, and this really makes the image look sharp and passionate. So in order to convey the message of passion, the colour red is vital layout art