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"You're dream is to travel the world, right?" "Don't call it that.dream is such an unachievable sounding word.Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.

This is my Fathers world.

I'm starting a board called contest. It's where u edit a pic or collage of the subject and have fun. If ur interested plz comment down below. The contest will begin when the r enough people to participate

Can I get an Amen !

Henry David Thoreau -- All good things are wild and free - love, explorations, summer, friendships and a lot


Getting lost. It's a lifestyle for some of us. A bike determines how lost how fast.

Start something new sometime

This is something we talk about all the time in this house! What haven’t we done before? Where haven’t we been? Why waste time not experiencing the world by doing things you’ve done a bunch of