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Step by Step - Cat EYE TUTORIAL by Saviroosje on DeviantArt ^^tbh I'd be happy if I could get to step 6 of this

sketches of dragons

Dragon Anatomy - Advanced (by *KyriaDori on deviantART). So, basically dragons are a just a weird combination of flying horse cats.

Damn that dimension though

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"♡Eternal Love - from the moment I saw you, I looked at you with the same loving eyes till the end of our lives, and even then I never lost you out of sight." I want to believe true love goes...

This is a part of my series called "Eye Tales" - an experiment in which I try to tell stories with using just eyes. An "eye tale" I haven't posted with a ghoul eye? XD Not intended but it came out .

How to draw Dog_Cat legs_feet by =Qexx on deviantART

izzy asked for a bit of help in drawing animal feet. These are the steps I use to draw dog legs and feet however it can be . How to draw Dog_Cat legs_feet

'Close enough' joke ok, but tutorial I thought you might like @Heather Creswell Rapson - it's exactly how I used to do eyes, didnt realise it was so 'step by step' when doing it, but really works, and if the image has good eyes then the rest of face doesn't matter so much (people always look at the eyes, it's a human thing I guess :) think it would be fun to try anyway - :)

Close enough