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Such grit, character and detail

There is a great beauty in her face, although she's homeless. there is a great deal of humanity, sadness and a tinge of hope in her face. So beautiful! Haunting Portraits of the Homeless by Lee Jeffries


27 retratos em preto e branco extremamente detalhados de moradores de rua

Outstanding examples of Portrait photography from various sources across the web. These will serve as an inspiration for your next photography project.


This post showcase stunning black and white portraits of homeless people taken by Lee Jeffries. He started taking homeless people photos when he met a young

Antinatalist ideologies (e.g. MGTOW, ChildFree, WHEMT, Zeta Male, Japan's Herbivore men or sōshoku(kei) danshi 草食系男子) lead to lonely, useless, and pointless existence at old age.

The time on his face By: Mehmet Akin. My favorite style of photography. You can live a lifetime within his portrait.

Her wrinkles tell her wonderful life's story.

- love the wrinkles. - this is an amazing drawing/love the detail (Drawing the Living Witness by Kemal Sabilla Rusdiantama)

Portraits of Homeless Individuals Show What Poverty REally Looks like by photographer Lee Jeffries

Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits Of Homeless Individuals Show What Poverty Really Looks Like

Wrinkled skin- a symbol of human growth and development of life. The skin cells and general texture of the flesh evolves as time goes by.

I love this photo because it does a great job of showing some extreme bags underneath her eyes. I also love the way her lips are shaped and think it could be a great character choice. But she also has beautiful eyes!

Mevrouw Verona is de protagonist van dit boek. Ze is 82 jaar wanneer ze beslist om de heuvel met haar hond af te dalen.

The big picture: Happy at 100, by Karsten Thormaehlen

German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen shot portraits of elderly men and women who have reached the ripe old age of also known as a “centenarian“

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as women will we ever except the fact that wrinkles really are beautiful. i her face.this is a face that has lived a life not flat and empty of feeling