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Sharpie Sketches - Horses by ColossalBeltloop . I once heard an artist say that she liked to draw in pen because there was no erasing, and it helped her learn to accept imperfections. That seems like a good (albeit somewhat painful ) idea!

Inspiration :)

Drawing lessons for beginners - A PEACOCK / How to draw. Painting for kids / Luntiks. Crafts and art activities, games for kids. Children drawing and coloring pages. Drawing an easy peacock.

this pin goes to someone else's pin board but you can see everything you need without going there.

I just love Construction Drawing and thats why I teach it in my course. Its a valuable professional tool. This is a great example that i found on Pintrest.

How to draw Pusheen the cat!!!!!!!

How to draw Pusheen the cat! Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

How to draw a super cute poodle!

How To Draw A Poodle - Art For Kids Hub -

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Draw an elephant. Note: This is a hybrid of the Asian and African elephant. Ears are African elephant (Asian elephant has smaller ears). Back is an arch like Asian elephant. (African elephant has a dip in the back). Impress your kids.draw and elephant.

Penguin Dandelion Nursery Art Original Drawing by DandelionTickles

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