Itachi Trolling Orochimaru (Mark Ii) by keldeoepicness - Meme Center


Don’t make me snap my fingers in z formation, hip rotation, booty sensation, elbow elbow wrist wrist snap snap kiss kiss << What even XD <<that's fabulous for ya

Haha I hate Sakura

Sasuke you're a hot freaking mess and evil hearted lil pint who doesn't even deserve Sakura or a daughter named Sadara. You killed your own brother when you could've helped him come to the good side just like Naruto did with you but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Omg Deidara *^*

Lol and then Sasuke killed him. Then said the fuck you ain't bitch naruto is mine

The same thing with vetrans but for some reson we still arent thanking them anof and they deserve more than being homeless :/

Poor kakashi had to suffer all that stuff but when he met Naruto his life kinda changed after that