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Cute Crown Tattoo Chest Tattoo for Women

50 Fabulous Crown Tattoos You Should Not Miss


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Tattoo for a lover of the Peacock.  Bold and beautiful  tattoo sweeps down this woman's back.

love peacocks and their feathers Beautiful peacock back tattoo by Mark Heggie

Absolutely gorgeous lower stomach tattoos - you have to see #9! | INKEDD

This is a pretty tat, but I don't think someone needs to get a tat just to cover a scar although if it bothers them that much, then they have a right to do whatever they want with their bodies. It is beautiful.

11 Signs You Should Take Better Care Of Your Vagina

Signs You Might Need To Take Better Care Of Your Vagina

If you have a vagina, then you already know owning one can be quite the responsibility. Periods come out of them, and sometimes babies. And then there's the whole keeping it clean and healthy thing. If you don't take care of your vagina, and look aft…

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Sometimes your Internet crush jumps out of your phone and into your real life arms.

2016’s Top Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Women

Omg this is the most beautiful, detailed, gorgeous rose tattoo. I would never get this big of tattoo but I had to share how pretty an feminine this tattoo ink design is.