and heeeere we have it, ladies and gentlemen--we have the secret uncovered! Men--are secretly TURTLES

Drawing tips- how to draw abs

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How to use a circle and proportions of a cat face to draw male anime torso. How to draw abs on a male manga figure.

Muitas pessoas tem dificuldades de desenhar um tipo de anatomia, masculina ou feminina, normalmente mulheres tem mais facilidade em desenhar...

Serratus Anterior : Redux by jinx-star


It's now time to start drawing nsfw boys

How to draw a human neck - Human Anatomy - Drawing Reference

cant understand it but o-o eh


Practice Sheets - Men's Torso by kai-choo

Different kind of jackets - How to draw clothing - clothing drawing reference

How to draw: Hoodies


How to draw abs - drawing reference - male anatomy - upper body - shirtless

Male Body Sketches by Vinnie14 Más [ ""Male Body Sketches" so I can look off of to draw male body figures.", "How to draw male body types structure anatomy abs", "Male Body Sketches - Muscle, Rotation and different POV

How Sketches Prepare a Young Mind for Architecture

Cuatro elementos

Water Earth Air Fire // Avatar Symbols // Prints // Four Watercolor Paintings

drawbetterart:  “Tutorial + FREE to use Palette by Yamio  ”

A very BASIC tutorial on how to pic colours when you draw! Before teaching you my ways how I shade skin, clothes or eyes, I think it´s important t. Tutorial + FREE to use Palette

1860 Antique engraving of Crabs, original vintage sea life crustacean print, marine animal illustration, curious oddity crustaceans CRAB.

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andzrc: theemilala: thefitwriter: thinnerginger: shungoku-satsu: Promoting men’s body positivity. We all don’t have chiseled abs. I appreciate this post. For many reasons. been waiting for a post like this! That first guy though… The humidity in t

fairies | Magical surrealism | art | tomasz alen kopera

fairies | Magical surrealism | art | tomasz alen kopera