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Lolita book cover

John Bertram and Yuri Leving have a new book, "Lolita: The Story of a Cover Girl: Vladimir Nabokov’s Novel in Art and Design," which explores, "the problem of capturing Nabokov’s psychologically complex story in a single image.

Minimal.   Ari Lobos: This is a poster for the movie ‘A Week With Marilyn’ which utilises Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lips and mole which became iconic during her years of fame. The use of constrained visual language expressed in these elements of the poster effectively give the poster a sensible and sensual mood to the poster.

Nadia This film poster created by a man named Joseph Ling shows the famous beauty mark of Marilyn Monroe. The beauty mark, along with her bold, pink lips, shows the constrained view of what Marilyn Monroe looks like.

A plethora of book cover designs

The Comfort of Thingy-ness Vol V

It& time for another edition of The Comfort of Thingy-ness?(check out Vol I/II/III/IV)! I& come across a plethora of awesome book covers, and wanted to share. What have been some of your recent favorites? Comment away!

Philographics big ideas in simple shapes. By Genis Carreras. remember to follow

"Philographics": Big ideas illustrated in simple shapes. By Genís Carreras.== Philosophies that are summed up into shapes colors and composition to efficiently understand what the ideas are about.

優れた紙面デザイン 日本語編 (表紙・フライヤー・レイアウト・チラシ)1300枚位 - NAVER まとめ

This bold, yet simple design highlights how effective the contrast between black and white color can be. The image of the socks and the type connect the theme of the poster. The composition feels balanced and is direct. Leaving a lasting impression.