Explore Facial Nerve Anatomy, Nerve Palsy, and more!

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Find out more about the medical management strategies of facial nerve palsy and Bell's palsy.

Keep this image in mind for the next hygiene appointment and periodontal charting.

Every 6 Months when you come into the dentist for a cleaning, our Dental Hygienist check your probing depths.This is what probing depths means.

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We did all our surgeries with long acting Marcaine. It kept the patient comfortable until they took pain meds and got home.

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To see is to know...not to see is to guess.  We MUST take x-rays to see what is not visible with the naked eye.

So many patients just worry about the radiation, not realizing the greatness of dental xrays. There are many reasons that dentists take x-rays of the teeth. Know the most common reasons why in this infographic

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Facts About Blood

"Facts About Blood Infographic" And this totally explains why they include a mangaka's blood type in interviews and publications, a pretty useless and somewhat personal sounding fact for your fans to know, unless you're asking for blood or an organ transp

Trigeminal Nerve Anatomy: Gross Anatomy, Branches of the Trigeminal Nerve, Microscopic Anatomy

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This is nice, it remains me the firts years of the career :) -anatomy location terms of teeth