practise on rats by SweGizmo on DeviantArt

practise on rats Sometimes I have to practise on paws was kindly to post rat pictures for me so I could prac. practise on rats

Rats by on @DeviantArt

I like this one the best actually I may even get one a day I decide to face my fear (needles) hehe Feel free to use/improve, But do credit me.

A maybe okay fuck-ton of rat/mouse references. Sourced by .

Rat drawings

Rat art - tis a lovely example of practicing a subject manner in a learning/observing nature.

Rats from the sketchbook. by

My rats Aidan (top) and Fagan (bottom), and just an illustration-esque rat sans reference. Rats from the sketchbook.

Ratwings, flying rat by GrimVixen

A dear little blue hooded rat who has her very best and most cherished fantasy come true; her wish to fly Comments are welcomed and appreciated Ratwings, flying rat

Inktober Day 08 Jacqueline Deleon

An Inktober witch painting printed on high quality stock . The original piece was painted on thick hot press watercolor paper, using inks and various other mediums. Color and value may vary slightly from the image on the computer screen.