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Rotator Cuff Exercise Regiment Handout.

Rotator Cuff Exercise Regiment Handout: A common archery injury deals in the Rotator Cuff. Keep the fitness to maintain good posture and control.

Sitting at a computer for long periods often causes neck and shoulder stiffness and occasionally lower back pain. Do these stretches every hour or so ...

To help prevent neck, shoulder and lower back pain, do these stretches whenever you have to sit at the computer for long periods of time. period back pain

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Spinal conditions (good example of how the torn disc can so easily be missed; it's not even shown).

A herniated disc, bulging disc, slipped disc or pinched nerve….GUARANTEE-FREE your lower back of pain from lumbar herniated disc, bulging disc, slipped disc or pinched nerve or y

Stroke Therapy Exercises | And here are some things you do do with clay or "thera-putty";

Hand and finger exercises, movement and physical therapy help stroke victims relearn the use of fine motor skills. In an American Heart Association article, .

Hopefully this prevents my shoulder from falling off in season....Rotator cuff exercises for rehab and prevention

Hopefully these help prevent my shoulder from falling off this time!Rotator cuff exercises for rehab and prevention

So if you want to know why strengthening your shoulder is a must, and also of the exercises that can keep your shoulders strong, this post has you covered! Go ahead and give a read!

10 Effective Physical Therapy Exercises To Treat Shoulder Pain