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Don't you dare

In chemistry the other day my friend asked me, "When is MCR going to come out with a new album?" and I'm just like they broke I'm in And she just looks at me and she looks like she's about to cry.<<yoUR POOR FRIEND

OR FAKE YOUR DEATH | or Helena or thank you for the venom or boy division or planetary (go) or ya know... Any MCR song ever.

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*plays a high G on the piano*<<*head whips around and almost breaks neck*<<<unintentional tears stream down face


And he didn't have to go through surgery to become that beautiful;<< i love the red hair phase and the long(ish) black hair phase too

Just add me sobbing in the corner clutching all my mcr CD's

Everyone Is Going Emo Again Because My Chemical Romance Teased Their Return

This street you probably should’ve lived on {]|[} AAAGGGGH GREEN DAY YESSSS

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And Gerard Way is the sheriff of Emo Road since he can't find Emo Town. I had to lol XD