Today is the day 5 boys got together and became in direction. July 23 8:22pm

One Direction lockscreen lovely.

One Direction | ctto: @stylinsonphones

One Direction forever and always

One Direction

midnight memorie oh oh oh ohhhhhhh

Watercolor illustration of One Direction with "History" lyrics

Watercolor illustration of One Direction with "History" lyrics

You leave me here to just die? Me and you got a whole lot of HISTORY

One Direction | ctto: @stylinsonphones

It's so random but like rly aesthetically pleasing

Liam is half irish... and Niall is half scottish.... WHERE THE FLACK DID THIS COME FROM< I think this shows the origins of their names.

One Direction boys names and meanings

One Direction

One Direction 💖

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one direction lockscreen

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lockscreen one direction

One Direction | ctto: @stylinsonphones

It's a Forever thing ♡♡ Directioner

Hello Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Denise :) so where is your twin Harry Styles.Denise and why are you with one direction and Harry isn't:/

It's all normal til you read Harry's cup I shall forever call him Denise Welch forever

#6yearsofOneDirection thanks for the laughs. Thanks for the smiles. And most of all, thanks for the memories that will last forever. -S

This Is Not The End they promise that they will be back . and our heros keep their promises

Quer rir um pouco? então da uma olhada nos memes engraçados da 1D e F… #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad

1D e Fifth Harmony memes, eveeer

this is so mean but funny goodbye

We're the generation who grew up listening to decent music and believing anything is possible.

For all genuine 1 direction fans. Pls read this. If you are interested in making a board of Louis Tomlinson only with me pls comment and let me know

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