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#wattpad #humor Attack on titan . Bộ phim nói về những sinh vật khổng lồ ăn thịt người không lí do . Những người còn lại sống sót đã xây dựng 3 bức tường vững chắc để bảo vệ loài người và ngăn chặn titan , Tường Maria , Tường Rose và Tường Sina . Trong 100 năm , con người sống bình yên trong những bức tường , nhưn...

Attack on titan [ Chôm ] - Mèo nè !

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themori-witch: “ anicalewis: “ nk-illustrates: “ Night Star Cat, Cat-O-Lanterns, and Ghost Cats. ” Important Halloween post ” This is the quality content I come here for.

Winter is Coming! This is the first part of the planned Winter's Advent sale, I'll be posting a flatsale later this week after the auction ends. In case you wanted something to look forward to~ RUL...

edit: offers close at EST tonight! info journal: Sugarnix batch 2 offers close tonight Since the last batch was first-come first-serve, this one is offer to adopt, a bit more relaxed th.

Abandoned Asylum Just a thought: Who provided these dolls for the children? Was is someone who loved and understood children enough to give them what they needed?

This is so sweet it actually brought tears to my eyes. Such precious babies!