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Cloud Strife Final Fantasy by Bosmitze

While drawing this pic I think I watched 5 billion minutes worth of Final Fantasy AMV's. Gotta get into that gloomy, depressing Cloud mode, ya know?

Final Fantasy VII | Sephiroth & Cloud  Again, not really anime/manga, but it...it's so pretty!

With a little mark: Cloud wears his clothing from "Advent Children" though the scene is actually taking place at the end of FFVII.

Final Fantasy VII - The impaled Midgar Zolom by RobinTran.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Did Sephiroth do this. The impaled Midgar Zolom and Cloud Strife featured in Final Fantasy VII by RobinTran (DeviantArt)

final fantasy | Tumblr

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Come To The Staff Room Later byしちみそ  - Final Fantasy VII - Cloud / Yuffie / Vincent

First buster sword are originally angeals second cloud dont wear glasses cuz his eyes are mako fused and finally vincent looks fifty five years younger damn yuffie u looked so normal

One of the most memorable scenes I  the game. - Final Fantasy - Cloud and Tifa - "Childhood Promise" by MCAshe

Final Fantasy - Cloud and Tifa - "Childhood Promise" by MCAshe ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ahip dip sip fip dop ship ship djil sip ship cop civp xop