tumblr_oabdy3NJMi1qe959eo2_1280.jpg 584×921ピクセル

tumblr_oabdy3NJMi1qe959eo2_1280.jpg 584×921ピクセル

#wattpad #hi-hc Khoe, của ấy mà :V Lấy cũng được thôi nhớ xin phép :V không xin mà lấy tui táng sml đấy :V

Xả ảnh Anime :V - 5

Beautiful Artistic Anime Painting - really sets an atmosphere (Tags: Original, Pixiv, Oekaki Musume, Pixiv Id

A canvas is a gate to another world. You just need to paint a key, that key is your imagination

yuumei-art: “I spent some time reflecting on my life, from the dysfunctional family of my childhood to my current career as an artist, and how this path has shaped me. I guess part of my recovery is.

katharine_morling. A great fantastic ceramic work....! I love it SR

katharine morling (The Jealous Curator)

Black and white line drawings pulled magically from a sketchbook into the real world through the fantastic ceramic work of UK based artist Katharine Morling. The cameras, the sewing needles, and don’t

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Amazing, Trippy GIFs from Paolo Ceric (aka PATAkK)

Paolo Ceric GIF Art: Artist's Computer-Animated Graphics Are Mesmerizing

The Art Of Animation, Jenny Yu - http://jennyyuu.tumblr.com -...

The Art Of Animation, Jenny Yu - http://jennyyuu.tumblr.com -...