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Mysteriously Designed Timekeepers : Reveal watch

Mysteriously Designed Timekeepers

With Reveal watch, time is always in the present. This timekeeper reveals the current time through a looking glass while fading the past and the future. If you are a person of the present, this watch is made specifically for you.

Random Inspiration 129 | Architecture, Cars, Style

Random Inspiration 129

enochliew: “Raketa Watch (model unknown) Raketa watches were once produced for the Red Army, the Soviet Navy, and for North Pole expeditions.

Random Inspiration #26 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration #26

Ring Clock $185.00 i think i pinned them when they were just concept rings but i still want em

Ring Clock

Ring Clock is a mechanical ring, which displays the current time. It has three rings for displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. The current time is highlighted, and there is an indicator so the wearer can know which way to put it on.

Jormungand by David Prince  The concept behind Jormungand is from Norse mythology. Jormungand is a serpent that is large enough to encircle the earth and hold onto his own tail. As the story goes, when Jormungand lets go of his own tail the earth will end. The forms of Jormungand are about eternity and time flowing back into itself, hence the helical disc shapes that make up the hour and minute "hands." I designed this as an internal project for Integrated Design Solutions.

Jormungand watch by Dave Prince. The innovative watch tells the time with light. Helical disc shapes form the hands. The 'hands' are part of the face that is raised up and let's light trough.

Michael Kors 'Blacked Out Runway' Chronograph Watch | Nordstrom. Maybe it's just me but I love flat black and black on black EVERYTHING. It's kind like wearing a Lexus on your wrist.

Michael Kors watch Kate Spade Michael Kors 'Large Gold Runway' Watch Michael Kors 'Blacked Out Runway' Chronograph Watch available at

Specification: Diameter: 5.0 cm(1.97 inch) Thickness: 1.0 cm(0.4 inch) Length of watch band: 26 cm(10.24inch) Band width: 2.2cm(0.87 inch) Movement...

Mens Watch Steampunk Wrist Mechanical Watch - Anniversary Gifts for Men (WAT0066-Black)

The Mechanical Engineer in me wants this even though it says "Mens" I mean that's in anyways right?) Stan vintage watches — Mens Watch Steampunk Wrist Mechanical Watch - Anniversary Gifts for Men

Reloj Diesel DZ4227

DIESEL® Large Square Leather Strap Watch Saw this watch a few days ago and am obsessed!

Piston Heads Analog Watch: Consists of 12 large dots as hour indicators and 10 small dots, each divided into 6 sections as minute indicators. The system uses the rise and fall of the dots to tell the time.

Piston Heads Analogue Watch Design

Love the color and modern design of this watch.

Cyclops Watch, designed by Crispin Jones for Mr Jones Watches. Each hour is represented by a different coloured circle, the black hoop gradually passes over each circle to indicate the time.

Two discs overlap creating a color gradient of blue and grey to tell the time on this remarkable watch. This just might get me to wear a watch again!

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Maya has a watch, but in addition to telling time, when she's in the past, it counts down to crucial events