they were so happy to finally perform this i love lilo so much

I got No Control!: "You have an open mind and a kind heart, but you’re still always ready to stand up for yourself." Which "One Direction" Song Are You?<<<>>> I got little things: I have a kind heart and can't go to bed without a cup of tea

omg he is the cutest thing that has ever happened (gif)

When he smiled and shrugged and waved and somewhere, a unicorn got its wings and flew off into a rainbow with unicorn babies.

Harry being...well Harry lol (gif)<<< fits any one want to talk about niall jumping like a bunny in the background

Can we talk about Niall hoping around like a bunny in the background and Harry photo-bombing Liam? << and liam being in super serious mode

This is one of the cutest gifs of Louis. Just the fact that he cracks himself up like this.

Which Two Members Of One Direction Are Most Likely In A Gay Relationship?

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