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what people say to me that brainwashed me

They say I was brainwashed. They say my head was filled with nasty things. Well, they should be happy now.

& still in high school - member of an underground group - has a soft spot for bunnies - likes playing ‘baseball’ aka crushing-heads-of-ignorant-assholes lol

find someone and fall in love , you ♡

((Open rp)) (your not sure why your self but despite your mother's warning you've always loved bad boys and even now as David kisses you in the bathroom while he holds you against the wall their is just something about his dominance that turns you on )

人◕ ‿‿ ◕人 anime love | via Tumblr

Nathan felt the bullets go through his chest as he fell backwards. Nathan saw the blood splatter on the ground and coughed up blood. "I guess it's over for me" He said weakly

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Lucifer: *looks back to see you* gh! You werent supposed to see that. *my wings open up as I begin walking forward*

Anime boy crying

((Open RP I'm the boy)) *Sits in My bedroom And starts crying*


My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia) Shigaraki Tomura