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Animal Avengers 15 by on @DeviantArt

Animal Avengers 15 by Mushstone - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Captain America/Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- Friendly reminders are never very friendly....

Captain America/Captain America: The Winter Soldier, This is soooooo true, lolso emotional tho♥♥♥


Captain America: The Winter Soldier---- I swear I love all the theories people have about the milk scene!

On your left- or is it right now? Haha

Why is it SOOO hard for people to draw and write CLEAN stuff? Steve Rogers has been a little wistful post-Captain America Sam Wilson takes his victories where he can find them.

HELP ME IM DYING! @erinruff1993 - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Now we know what was in that superhero serum.

There's always one...

Loki Laufeyson - The Avengers bad hair days. This was already funny, and then I noticed that Loki was listed as a "Misunderstood Frosty Smurf". Then it became hilarious.

by tumblr

Christmas with the Avengers: Fury reads bedtime stories, Thor and Cap prepare dinner, Natasha and Clint decorate, and Tony and Loki discuss mistletoe. PS Loki is talking about the god Balder

But it wouldn't be the same without 'em.<<<True dat.>> they are both stinken adorable!!

>> they are both stinken adorable!<<but the second picture isn't Sebastian it's a stunt double

The Avengers - Let me look something up by ~lamech77 on deviantART

The Avengers - Let me look something up by on deviantART. To clarify, mewling quim in plain english means whining cunt.

I'm so elated that someone made this it's soooooooo funny!!

The Daily Asgardian News--Odin was in odinsleep so how can he end it off?

So fucking adorable!

Steve and Bucky Babies: Ribbon 2 by SilasSamle *tiny bucky in uniform

Captain America and Bucky Barnes shopping XD

Könnten vom Prinzip her auch wir beide sein ❤

hehe portal to jotenheim -- 'why is loki in the fridge', my eyes are watering it's so funny.

Idk what the fuck chris is talking about jfc I love this so much

'Steve, hurry up, I've been waiting for 5 minutes already. Don't think I'm above hot wiring this thing & leave your star-spangled butt behind.

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