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31 Stylish Floating Bed Design Ideas ⋆ Cool home and interior design ideas

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Bedroom interior design is one of the most important in our homes.Check those ideas for DIY hanging bedroom beds.Hard to believe, but han.

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Contemporary bedroom design and decor is getting a growing number of popularity, and a growing number of designers and homeowners choose it. And this contemporary floating bed design thought to be among the coolest bed designs by many men and women.


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cama flutuante com luz embaixo em um chão brilhante

cama flutuante com luz embaixo em um chão brilhante

Most floating beds are not actually floating but are supported by all sorts of structures like ropes or hidden legs. Well, this one is special. This one-of-a-kind piece proposes a whole new kind of design, wonderful for modern and minimalist bedrooms.

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Cama Flutuante: Faça Você Mesmo

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