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정말 힘들었던 날에는 그냥 사라지고 싶은 밤이 있어.  가끔.. 그런 밤이 있어

어느밤 by SooA on

I am nothing. I am the sun and the stars and the beginning of the universe. I exist outside of time, beyond sight, without boundaries of any kind. I am an infinity. And I am in love with you.

She sees the world a little differently, fascinated by the life which occupies her clothing; though anyone else looking just sees a blue hoody and a girl daydreaming. What do you see? Dedicated to ...

Avatar The girl in a blue jacket with a hood that covered in fish, artist DestinyBlue

Imagen de sad, black and white, and anime

Sometimes I feel like a caged animal. No one really cares. No one will ever really care.