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I don't see the problem.

Like snape in Nevill's grandmas clothes. I wear your grandmas clothes i look incredible

Not all slytherins are bad most are misunderstood and juat want to be liked ... if slytherins didn't support each other no one would support us since Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor all hate us

I was initially sorted into Slytherin by the Pottermore sorting hat. It took a while for me to actually accept it.

Harry Potter Tumblr #2 by Vlade harry potter fandom has finally lost their minds

Harry Tumblr #2

Why does everyone think Harry stole the lollipop ! He didn't if he did you would see his hand coming out of the invisibility cloak or the lollipop would have turned invisible ! IT GOT STUCK TO THE FREAKING CLOAK!

Yesssss! I need this

Luna forces him to be her friend and brings him to the weasleys for Christmas and he is initiated

The real reason Harry Potter's mom was the best potions student. (i love the look on severus's face)-I like to think that Lily was great at potions on her own and Snape just perfected his potions ability as a way to impress her.

Have you seen Snape?! Why did she choose Potter?! I would rather slither in with Slytherin... ;)

Someone has to make this Harry Potter prequel<<<i like some of these actors playing the parts but others i can't agree with, however i do think Karen Gillan as Lily is a bloody brilliant idea>>>> I don't care who plays them just give me the movie!

We hate playing sports. Unless its the sport from our fandom. Who wouldn't want to play quidditch???

"And gosh, a good chunk of you people claim to hate sports." I hate sports, but Quidditch isn't sport.

28 Seriously Amazing “Harry Potter” Questions Raised By Tumblr…

28 Seriously Amazing “Harry Potter” Questions Raised By Tumbl The part about flooing into Diagon Alley, though.