Spacious Yet Clean S House Hallway Area Decorated With Some Big Clay Vases With Plants Located On The Corner

Corridor with beautiful stone floor and wall. The S House by Tanju Ozelgin. contemporary home decor ideas, contemporary furniture, home furniture

I love this for the entryway

15 Astonishing Foyer Mirrors for a Welcoming Home

I love this for the entryway

Add this entryway design selection to your own inspirations for your next interior design project! More bathroom ideas at

This interior design gallery showcases the Fitzrovia Apartment designed by Oliver Burns and showcases brilliant use of design layering and textures.

hall d'entrée maison avec table en bronze et grand miroir rectanguaire

▷ 1001+ Idées pour un hall d'entrée maison + les éléments à grand effet

Console of all Consoles! look at those stunning handcut MURANO glass elements - a common feature in our Lifetime Collection from Italy.

Have a mirror custom cut through your local mirror company and then have a handy man make the frame out trim.  It makes it much easier than trying to find one already made just the way you want it.  Too often people go too small on mirrors.  Look at how the mirror extends down past the's okay to layer!!!

I love the idea of hanging a large mirror in the entry way to reflect light. Update: There is no formal entry way in this house, but I will be placing our mirror on the left wall of the cozy room which will bounce a lot of light into the entryway.