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I don't like patata by ROSEL-D on deviantART XDDD This is so AWESOME. HILARIOUS ---> OMG. I love this ~ Patata, that amazing!!

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Italy brothers - North & South Italy - lol, North Italy's so scary (^_^;)<--------- so north Italy has finally shown his true colors it was a matter pic time lol 😈

Lithuania and Poland lmao I just love Poland!! #hetalia

Lithuania and Poland lmao I just love Poland! I love Hetalia but I don't like.no, I hate when people see Poland like this😥

Scotland and Spain I love it - BUT ENGLAND IS STILL THE BEST.

Coughcough ahem… I do believe a beating is in order. Someone bring me a very big stick, a rose, a bottle of wine, a cut out of England and a box.>> I just love this poor Spain

Headcanon: When America is too nervous (embarrassed) to go to England's room, he goes to Spain's, because he feels like the two are really similar. Romano does the same, except with England. Neither of the older guys can refuse them because it's too nostalgic.

This is so sweet. It has nothing to do with pairings. Nothing about those other things you find in fanfics. It's all about that fatherly love that England held for America and that Spain held for Romano. I love this! -- Aww, this is too great!

HEY! THATS NOT HOW YOU SPELL COLOR! AMERICA WOULD NEVER SAY IT LIKE THAT! OBVIOUSLY A CANADIAN OR ENGLISHMEN OR AUSTRALIAN MADE THIS! *England Canada and Australia team up and hit me in the face with Hungary's frying pan collection until I apologize greatly for correcting there spelling...* great art I love it!

I could see this working just a well, if not better, with France and England XD - Also, America using the English/Canadian/Australian spelling of 'color/colour'


The guy with the cigarette is Scotland, the one sleeping is England. The guy that came rushing in is Spain.

APH - England is Peter Pan by Alexiel-VIII.deviantart.com on @deviantART    ☆IS THE DOCTOR AROUND!?  ☆I THINK HE NEEDS A DOCTOR!  ☆HE JUMPED OFF THE TARDIS!!☆

England is Peter Pan by alexiel-viii on Deviantart ("Forget your happy thought?