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Prussia's awesome. Haha

Ok, so I started to watch this but then it paused for a moment to load, and I was like aww cute but when it stopped the piano was shaking. I stopped and looked at it closed and was just like,"I bet prussia pops out of there", and then he did!

Hungary gets her first period

Poor Hungary, she just started her period, which sucks by the way.

Denmark's Awesome Book - Hearts #wattpad #random

Denmark's Awesome Book - Hearts

Denmark's Awesome Book - Hearts Loved the x infinit there hahaha

#wattpad #fanfiction He should have cleaned that wound better.   Now he has to share all his secrets.   Get ready world, you're about to see the real America.

The Secrets of America - Vive la Boy Scouts

Omg>>This is the real Italy right here no one can be more kawaii and awesome than him.

Hetalia starring Italy, Germany, France, and England! "I was expecting a lot…