+ Illustrated by Ina hattenhauer

littlechien via miam-illustration miam-illustration: “ By Ina Hattenhauer / Source : halloheute ”

Los días de lluvia son perfectos para darles un toque diferente, por ejemplo... Un complemento Dpalo!

(Lizzie Mackay)

print & pattern: DESIGNER - nikki upsher

DESIGNER - nikki upsher

Nikki Upsher is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator based in Bath, UK. She has over twenty years experience in the busin.

animation illustration 06 Les illustrations animées de Rebecca Mock

Les illustrations animées de Rebecca Mock

A really well done cinemagraph is really cool, but add a nice ingredient to this, like a complete illustrated cinemagraph, and we're talking about an amazing piece of art, like these by artist Rebecca Mock. Rebecca is an Americ