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Yoon bum|killing stalking

Page 2 Read from the story Killing Stalking Memes by asaya-kun with reads.

Killing stalking-yoonbum

✿¡Memes De Killing Stalking!✿

If ever there was a worst boy it's Sangwoo. Damn him and his serial killer charms

Fan art of Yoon Bum (윤범) and Sangwoo (상우) from the Korean web manhwa, “Killing Stalking (킬링 스토킹)”. || Credit for this belongs to Vikconder on Tumblr.

Fan art of Yoon Bum (윤범) and Oh Sang-woo (오상우) from the Korean web manhwa, “Killing Stalking (킬링 스토킹)” by Koogi (쿠기).

Someone pls explain why I love him and would sell my soul if it keeps him alive

Killing Stalking / Yoonbum/you deserve happiness

Imagine is they are all an actors of movie called "Killing stalking" WOAH

Read 156 from the story imagenes de killing stalking by Isis_Reveca with 51 reads.

The moment he breaks a little because he realizes he's turning into his father

Killing Stalking / This manga fucking destroyed me