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True sometimes the saddest people try to make others smile so others won't fell the sadness they do.

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Yoshikawa, Yuki from Horimiya Is there a guy like her thatd be soooo great

No. My biggest sin is knows you and be your sister.

"My Biggest Sin is Existing" Yeah. unfortunately but I have The Walking Dead, supernatural, music & Anime at my back

nobody knows what i feel inside and they will never know......

nobody knows what i feel. Cause if you were feeling joy, then no one will ruin it for ya. ( not by faking a smile!

The hell going on inside one's head

If I'd only die I wud have existed and I wud leave people behind, if I wud not exist I wouldn't leave any scars behind.

No puede vender sueños a alguien que ha caminado a través de pesadillas

I know I got this off the weeb cringe squad but it's a good sentence

This is my life. Repost if you feel the same way...

When you're sad, you understand the lyrics." Anime: Charlotte - Shigatsu wa kimi no uso - Tamako Love Story So true

All you need is a golden summer smile

All you need is a golden summer smile

I replace it very very slowly. I prefer to not have a "Golden Summer Smile" Or even a smile at all. Very few things provide that nowadays

Tokyo Ghoul>>> wow same thing goes for Clannad some one should make something like this for Clannad

It hurts when you see people leave. But it hurts more remembering that they promised they wouldn't leave you. :: Kaneki and Touka // TG