40  Tattoos Perfect For Any Animal-Lover

75 Tattoos Perfect For Any Animal-Lover

50 Tattoos Perfect For Any Animal-Lover: People get tattoos to honor their children, to show their fandom allegiance, and even to pledge their love to their significant other.

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Def thinking about getting this but with my kitty's paw print and in white ink - Crystal Swartz One pinner stated: Love my new tattoo! Infinity paw print heart for my love of animals!

17 Incredibly Cool Dog Tattoos Ever Doggy Lover Will Want

Dog Thigh Tattoo More - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

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Music Crazy Micro TaT A lot of people love music, so do they love tattoo. What are the tattoo ideas for music fans? In this post you will enjoy a list of lovely music tattoo designs. Every music element, music… Continue Reading →

This moon phase temporary tattoo looks amazing on your arm or wrist. It's cute and stylish at the same time! A temporary tattoo for any occasion! ......................................................

Moon phase temporary tattoo

These temporary tattoos are just as cute as the real deal and look very real too! These temporary tattoos are for you if you want to test drive before you get a

I love that the artist got the canine track right!! It drives me crazy when it says dog/cat paw print and its not even close. Definitely want this one! --- Devotion (Dog) A great design for a dogs lover!Design by Ksenia Adonyeva Pattern size in stitches: 150x147 Canvas size (Aida 14, without over-measure): 10.7 x

I love that the artist got the canine track right! Devotion (Dog) A great design for a dog's lover! Design by Ksenia Adonyeva Pattern size in stitches: Canvas size (Aida without over-measure): x


This is interesting.but I want to see my boy's face Dog paw print tattoo! This is exactly what I want to true size and accurate to his real paw print! I think Ive decided.

Pawprint in a heart

The Paw Print Tattoo with Heart. perfect for my dog Peyton, rest her poor puppy soul. ~ loved that dog so much I want this for my brother that just passed