See some people actually try to question why I spend all of my time on the internet.

Funny pictures about Potter Animal Pals. Oh, and cool pics about Potter Animal Pals. Also, Potter Animal Pals.

What if Snape survived?:

Severus Snape and Voldemort funny Harry potter comic. I love the way they drew Snape

Harry Potter Puns and Memes So Dumb You'll Feel Bad For Laughing [Funny - Humor - 9gag]

Harry Potter Puns and Memes So Dumb You'll Feel Bad For Laughing

Harry Potter Puns and Memes So Cheesy🧀 You'll Feel Bad For Laughing [Funny - Humor😂😂👍🏻👍🏻😂. " you're a blizzard Harry!

Harry potter fact

I really want to call the Hogwarts Hotline (obviously the dog being up for adoption is long over) Professor McGonagall is the same age as my

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I totally agree, and I am not a Slytherin. In fact, I am a Gryffindor. My best friend is a Slytherin, and we are best friends with a Hufflepuff. A Gryffindor, a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff?

THANK YOU!!! But seriously twilight isn't that hard to beat. My front door has taught me more life lessons than twilight.

Very good points. HP wins every time. I don't like HP but I hate twilight even more so HP wins in my book!

Pictures that will you make think differently about #HarryPotter

"Harry potter world . pictures that make you think differently about Harry Potter" << THE MOVIE! A couple of funny pictures of the cast will never make me think differently about the books.

Atores de Harry Potter

A fascinating look at the stars of Harry Potter 14 years later. i want to meet one of these people one day!

Harry Tumblr # Memes. Best Collection of Funny Harry Tumblr # Pictures

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I thought of that joke every time I saw the word fetus in my FCS book. EVERY DAMN TIME. "Poor eating habits can place the fetus deletus at risk for serious health problems." ------ I love the last one, witch movies/book is that from?

Why is this

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