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Beautiful shell drawings by Winifred West now on the Archives website.

This logo represents a shell which may refer to the companies name or themes, it demonstrates positive use of detail without mass colour or unconnected shapes. Here it is previewed in different directions however if possible could be effective if its shape represented a letter for example lower case 'b' if elaborated slighlty

SECONDARY RESEARCH: This logo stood out to me. very clean and nice use of shapes - also another motivational/transferable concept for a maritime/rope design.

Une planche d'un luxueux ouvrage de conchyliologie François-Michel Regenfuss, Choix de coquillages et de crustacés peints d'après nature, gravés en taille-douce et illuminés de leurs vraies couleurs par François Michel Regenfuss, graveur du roi. Édition originale bilingue en français et allemand, Copenhague, A. H. Godiche, 1758.

A page of the luxurious book Conchological I François-Michel Regenfuss I Choice shellfish and crustaceans painted from life, engraved in intaglio and illuminated their true colors I François Michel Regenfuss, King burner I A.

Corridor- NXL022941-1

Corridor- NXL022941-1