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Kiss me until I forget how terrified I am of everything wrong in my life. ~ Beau Taplin (The kiss)

We finally found each other after being with the wrong person.

I wish I would have had the chance to love you sooner buy everything happens for a reason. Now that I found you I will try and make up for all the Lost time. I love you beautiful forever and for always.

|| to anyone home alone on a Saturday night because you've recently lost someone important to you, I'm not going to tell you things get better and everything will be alright because sometimes it doesn't but I hope you're okay and together, people like us, we'll make it through. ||  || my book The Wild Heart is available at the link on the home page. || x.

It's not that you left. I'm okay with that. I've learned to accept it. It's that it was too damn easy. It's that you didn't think twice.


So, umm. I want you. - And I'll tell you, because I'm not afraid of doing so. Because I want you.

I closed my eyes softly and fell in love with the way I remembered you: body, soul, and all. - "Their tears were their love” series poem by Christopher Poindexter.