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Exoskeleton watch doubles as wrist armour.

Dizendo que o tempo é algo que você deve fazer em grande estilo. Estes relógios não só à moda; Mas do filme Tron e Tron é um filme incrível

The Bionic Boots With The Amazing Boost

Bionic Boots make you run like a speeding ostrich <-- yeah because it was always my dream to run like an ostrich. Was there not a more graceful animal we could have come up with?<-- it's ostrich inspired you frigging inbred

The Ring Clock becomes a reality! Details at the link. See more about Rings, Fashion Looks and Cool Watches. Men Tech Gadgets Share and enjoy!

3 Smart Headphones That Rival Beats

Earin headphones -- also know as the world's "smallest wireless earbuds" -- has a goal to provide the greatest amount of sound in the smallest package. - Oh we do love a good alternative to Dre Beats!

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

iBangle -iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones. This would be cool if it existed

DIY wrist-mounted crossbow gets you one step closer to being a super hero (or villain)

DIY wrist-mounted crossbow gets you one step closer to being a super hero (or villain) technology innovation - DIY Homer

Seiko CPC TR-006 Bluetooth watch puts your phone on your wrist

I want this Portable helicopter. I don't personally know this guy, but based upon this picture alone, he's cooler than me.

Introducing, innovative charging that’s da bomb! It’s called Powerbomb and it packs a powerful, portable punch of charge to any of your devices. Read More at Yanko De

4 Wearables That Give You Superpowers

Super strength. Super hearing. Super artistry. Super expression. The future of wearables is really a quest for human enhancement.