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"its called the "teddy bear dog" Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. Hey Joyner look at this sweet puppy, its half Bichon!

Filhotes de cachorro encontram os lugares e momentos mais inusitados para dormir. Uma seleção de fotos do site Bored Panda mostra algumas posições e locais divertidos.

10 fotos que provam que filhotes dormem em qualquer lugar

the-absolute-funniest-posts: “ awwww-cute: My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day ” Soo cute

Rottie Chow mix

Tibetan Mastiff puppy - Cute puppy of Tibetan Mastiff dog being huge looking like a bear. I want to hug this baby.

Gewoon een verzameling hilarische foto’s #730 - VK Magazine

Stray Puppies Won't Stop Hugging Each Other Since They Were Rescued - awwwwww.you can see the fear in the eyes, and the emotional comfort the light brown one gets from his hugging the little one

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Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

Golden Retriever puppy Soooooooo cute I know this sounds really wrong but I want to eat that puppy up he is so cute Mais


6 Very Important Puppy Butts That Demand Your Immediate And Undivided Attention

La Stampa - Quando i cagnolini sono morbidi come i peluche

If you love fluffy puppies and cuddly teddy bears (and who doesn't!) then this post is for you. Here are 17 puppies that look just like teddy bears.

cães, cachorros

Podemos Aprender Muito Sobre Amizade Com Os Cães...

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